100% Anonymous Process

While operating with our tool your connection is always spoofed and protected with our special automatic-updating proxies integrated inside which makes you completely "under the radar" while spying Viber account(s).

Secured Hacking


Our software and this website is not affiliated with official Viber Media company in any way. All law protected trademarks and material is property of their respective network. App should be used for personal and educational purposes only!

Aim of this tool

We believe our app will come helpful for people in many ways which motivated us all time we invested in building it. Here are the top reasons why this program was made.
1. Parental control (Wikipedia) - We live in time where internet crime and harassment is bigger then ever, and everyone have freedom of doing what they want and pretend to be someone else. This is what is happening with social media sites and instant messaging application too. But with using our tool, parents can easily track their children activity and see if they are talking with someone suspicious and easily solve problems like these.
2. Employees monitoring - There are some companies who uses Viber messaging app for communicating, and with tool such our is they can easily control over their workers activity and strengthen their company's internal trust and security.
3. Relationship control - Some people have problems in their partners trust and often search on internet for solutions like how to hack Viber account (or any other social media/instant messaging app account) of their girlfriend/boyfriend or married partner. With our tool you can monitor over every chats and calls easily and without anyone knowing you're watching over their activity. Completely undetected and safe. Download tool now and discover stuff you've always wanted to know!


This tool was built by a small team of enthusiast programmers from Germany and Russia who cooperates online and work on many similar projects around the web. Our work is mainly based on developing white hat business related apps and games. Viber Spy tool was a small exception from what we normally do. At first time our goal with it was to test our skills and see if we are capable to make such hacking related app which can work successfully to spy accounts. After months of work with many failures and hard dedication we finally made it possible. We decided to make a special website for it which is this one, where we will share it for free as our contribution from many successful projects we have previously built. Wise quote says: "Always give something in return." So enjoy our Viber Hack. It will be regularly updated to always provide you best experience you can get with it.